MLR Home Inspections is in business to give clients an independent 3rd party professional inspection of the current conditions of a home. I know that you are relying on me to provide you with the resources necessary to make a significant investment decision. 
    Whether you are buying, selling, or you currently own a home, a home inspection can be an extremely valuable resource. My home inspection reports will provide you with dozens of pictures, detailed conditions of components, as well as recommendations, and educational information. 
    My reports are custom written, easy to read and understand and are generally about 50 pages. I can provide a verbal report on site, and a written report can be emailed same day or delivered within 48 hours. My goal is to not only inform you of the current conditions of the home being inspected but to also educate you on it's components as well as the best maintenance procedures. Every home inspection report comes with a free home maintenance book. The resources provided in this book, as well as the inspection report I provide, can help you monitor your home as it ages and get the best return on your investment.

Free Home Energy Report With Every Inspection

Services I Provide:     
  • Home Inspections For Buyers or Sellers
  • Home Inspections for Current Homeowners
    • Many home owners do not feel the the need to hire someone until a problem becomes apparent and serious. However, those that know a home is part of your investment portfolio, reinvesting into it can give you great returns down the road. A home inspection for you can point out problems that already exist or problems that may exist if neglected. Both of which if ignored can lead to serious repair costs.
  • New Home Builder's Warranty Inspections
    • If your home was recently built and are in the last months of your Builder's Warranty, it is essential to have an unbiased party inspect your home for defects and help you get the product you have payed for and deserve.
  • Private Septic System Inspections/Yearly Maintenance Services
    • Inspection includes written report of systems components and conditions as well as pumping of the tank (arranged by you or me), and hydraulic load test if necessary.
    • Maintenance Services include checking solids depth, cleaning of any effluent filters, replacing/repairing dosing pumps, testing of alarm, etc.  
  • Water Quality Testing
    • Testing of Water Quality consists of collecting a sample according to Labratory's instructions and returning to the lab for analysis. Testing can be done for a number of contaminants(ie. Total Coliform, Nitrates, Lead, Fluoride, Sulfate, etc)

**Pricing for a Home Inspection is going to vary depending on a few factors. Such as, total square footage and the age of the home. For an accurate quote please contact me, for it will only take a minute to calculate. 

Have me call you.

Important Information
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Areas Served
Medina County
Stark County
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Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

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